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GoEco Certified Student Reviews & Testimonials


This certification is really a steal. I would have paid 3 times this to have this concentrate of information and in 6 weeks you can truly be 100 % ready to go. I like the practicality of the different modules. This has been a great experience, I learned in 6 weeks more than if I had spent 6 month researching on the web.This is a key for starting your own business and starting an eco consulting business.

If my business grow and I need more eco consultants, I’ll make sure they will all go through this certification.

-Irmine, New Jersey

WOW! Great job putting together this class, I absolutely learned a lot and feel really good about my new career!! Some parts of the class I already knew, however, more than 75% of the stuff was new to me and they made it easy to learn/remember. I already have 2 clients lined up and I am really looking forward to this!-George B. – Trust Link
Thanks a million for all  the intellectual capital.-Stephanie, New York
I took this training class about 45 days ago and strongly suggest it to anyone looking to become an eco consultant. This was something that I have extreme passion about and this program really helped me with that next step. The instructor was awesome, easy to follow and really personalized it.-Robby B. – Trust Link
I really had doubts about this class when I first started, and not that I have taken it I wish I would have known about this a year ago!  Great stuff they are teaching and I love how they explain everything in detail and make it so the average person (like me) can start helping businesses and homes with their green futures.  I would for sure recommend this course to anyone wanting to get into Eco Consulting.-Nicole, Southern California
“It’s all great current and relevant info.””Mike has been very knowledgeable & helpful. I feel the tools given by this course will definitely lay out a nice blueprint for me to work off of… way more than I really thought I would be able to get out of one course.”

“You guys you are doing great things, cheaply too. I have already recommended this course to others. Thanks all”

-Miscellaneous/Anonymous Reviews – Seattle, Washington

I have been interested in becoming an eco consultant for a while and when I came across this training program. I just finished it last week and all I can say is I wish I did this way earlier. It was a great class and I learned LOTS, they also provided me lots of marketing stuff that will really help me get moving. great training program, well worth the money!-Jessica, Portland, Oregon – Trust Link
“The Environmental Resolution Coalition, a subsidiary of the Modern Education Corporation is pleased to have GoEco Certified as it’s provider of Education for home and business health and energy inspections to assist in creating a sustainable environment where everyone benefits. It only makes sense to add partners that provide training and education in all areas of the emerging field of energy, the issues surrounding it and solutions regarding the effective/efficient management of it .”-Brent Felstead, Executive Director of the Modern Education Corporation.
“I’m so glad I took the course…lots of wonderful info for both personal and professional use!”-Nina, Tucson, Arizona
“The GoEco Certified training program was an incredibly valuable and exciting learning experience for me. The instructor did an outstanding job of explaining the material in a manner that was easy to comprehend, shared great examples and insights of his personal experience in the field, and really personalized the whole experience for his students.

Everything you’ll learn here has practical, real-world application, and the wealth of information you’ll receive is definitely worth the investment!  If you’re serious about becoming certified and starting your own eco consulting business but don’t quite know where to start, look no further. This is the real deal.”-Tanisha, Los Angeles, California

This program was worth every dollar that I spent and every minute of my time.   The modules were comprehensive, practical and easy to follow.   Rich with information and resources,  I feel confident that I have the necessary skills to succeed in this profession.   Thank you for doing so much work to help us become eco-consultants!-Monica T, Washington DC
I just finished my training and I feel confident now to start my own eco consultant business. I went into this class with a bit of hesitation as I didn’t know what to expect but I’m glad I took this class.  I’ve always had a strong interest and concern for our environment as well as a need to educate people about living green. Each class was completely full of useful material that I feel ready to pass along the knowledge and tools needed for a sustainable living.  Thanks so much for this training!

-Isela, Laredo, Texas

I normally do not write testimonials unless truly deserved, but the GoEco certification program deserves many kudos.
First, I was drawn to the fact this program was put on by certified consultants in the field who showed  the day to day, real aspects of running your own business, not someone who taught theory.Secondly, I was impressed by the fact the classes were purposely kept small to help facilitate more active learning by the students.
Thirdly, the instructor, Mike, demonstrated his knowledge professionally not only as a consultant, entrepreneur, but in a manner very few professors or teachers I have ever had — he truly cared.In addition, the amount of information sent to us was incredible! This info was very up to date and meant for only one purpose, to help us succeed in our new profession. I can not think of any program out there, especially for the cost, designed to walk us through the process of being a student to owning our own Eco consultant business.

One last thing, not only was the 4 week program informative, and innovative, but I can not think of any college or university that is so involved after the coursework to help a  student succeed as an entrepreneur.

Thanks for the great program!

-David Rinaldo, Colorado

After the last lesson, I realized this is not the end but the beginning.  The smooth and seamless lessons are so well executed that it was a breeze learning about what we can do to help homes and businesses go green. Being halfway round the world, the distance and time difference did not become an issue, but added to the unique experience.  I look forward to doing more with Go Eco Certified.  Thank you for the empowering experience.

-Joanne, Malaysia

I had a great learning experience taking the 6- week online course. Having Mike as our instructor was awesome. He knew his stuff and was also very friendly and easy to talk too. I truly enjoyed going online every Monday and Wednesday and looking forward to learning something new, and I did. In my opinion, I chose wisely with GoEco Certified to jump start my new career in GREEN.. Thanks Mike for everything.

-Joann R, New Jersey

Taking the GoEco Certified course was worth the time and effort!  Even though Michael is not a so called “formal” instructor, the Friday classes were informative and at times too much fun!  Learning from someone in the field was valuable, the course outline was to the point and any clarification was an email/phone call away…really quick response time.  Another great bonus, knowing that after the course, GoEco is still around to assist our new business venture.  Well worth the price for what you get, you will not be disappointed!! To sum up my experience, I did not ask for a refund, so GoEco’s refund policy is still looking for it’s first customer.-Ian Syphus
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada
The GoEco Certification Program is so polished and well rounded, its like nothing else I’ve ever come across.  From Day 1 their method isn’t based around giving you useless information, but rather to inform you and show you how everything you learn translates into a real world business you can immediately start upon completion of the program.-Zack, Wisconsin