Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between the eBook, Eco Consultant, and Sustainability Administrator Training Program?

*eBook – Eco-Consulting Startup – This eBook is packed full of most everything you would learn in the Certified Eco Consulting Training Program.  The eBook is filled with specific ways to help homeowners and businesses to become more green and save money. The book was written in a practical manner so everything in the book can be applied in the real world today.

*Certified Eco Consultant online training prepares you to start your own Eco Consulting business helping homes and businesses go green. The program allows you access to our online portal where you can access the various modules.

*Certified Sustainability Administrator training prepares those already employed, or are looking for employment, to take on the company’s designated “in house” green professional role responsible for creating, developing, and implementing the organizations sustainability plan. The program allows you access to our online portal where you can access the various modules.

Do I have to physically attend the eco consulting class in person?
No, our training programs can all be accessed online via our Eco Portal.  You will login each session to the computer and connect into the training system. 
The training sessions are made up of a number of PowerPoint (with audio dictation), videos, PDFs, and other helpful mediums designed to explain the material in full.

How long do the training programs take?
The full eco consulting training program takes 6 weeks.  We suggest you invest at least twice per week for 2 hours.

Who are the instructors teaching the program?
Your Eco-Trainer is not a professor, rather they are real world professionals
.  We are here to prepare you (start – finish) with everything you need to start/run a successful eco-consulting business and make money doing it!

How much money can I make being a Certified Eco-Consultant (Green Consultant)?
An Eco Consultant compensation working full-time can vary.  We see eco-consultants earning on average around $40,000/year.  We see many eco-consultants working part-time earning in the $1,000/mo range.  Of course it will be dependent on the amount of work you put into the business.  Lastly we see the most successful ones who do both consulting as well as use their client base to sell products they are passionate about, this is optional and we will teach you how to do this if you’re interested.

Do you guarantee this will be the Best Eco Consultant Training Course?
Absolutely! If you don’t find it useful we will refund 100% of your money!

How can I get more information about the Certified Eco-Consultant training course?
For more information on this training course, click on Contact and request a free training packet that will have all the details.

What payment methods do you accept?
All major credit cards and PayPal.

Do I need to be a good salesperson to be successful?
No, you do not have to be a good “sales person” to be successful.  We will teach you how to build your business through educating people.  We will teach you simple and proven ways to make your phone ring and get new clients.

Why should I start my own Eco-Consulting Business versus working for someone else?
Owning your own Eco Consulting business and being your own boss can be one of the most rewarding feelings!  You could soon be building a sustainable business that you can brand and grow over the years.  You are able to make money and help clients.. its a true Win-Win!