Certified Sustainability Administrator

Certified Sustainability Administrator Training Program

The Certified Sustainability Administrator (CSA) green employee training program is designed for 2 types of students:

  • Anybody who is already employed (government or private) and will be taking on the Sustainability Administrator role at work to assist the organization towards sustainability.  This is often times in addition to their current role.
  • Those seeking employment as a Sustainability Administrator or Green Officer type role and want to get the best training to build their resume and get a green job adding value in this growing industry!

Worldwide there has been an enormous uptick in businesses who are going green and seeking out Sustainability Administrators to help.  Having internal Green Employees or Green Teams has countless benefits.  Many companies ask “How to Setup a Green Program Within My Business?” The CSA training program will prepare you to work within your corporate organizations or small business to create, develop and implement their sustainability plans.  You will learn step-by-step how to add real sustainability value to the business, ways to identify/overcome potential issues, and MUCH MORE!

A Certified Sustainability Administrator has many responsibilities and expectations depending on the company and the industry.  Most CSA’s will ultimately be responsible for establishing a sustainability program within the business.  Most offices may already be “green” to an extent, it’s the CSA’s role to capitalize and expand on current eco efforts as well as move the program further along.

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Certified Sustainability Administrator Training Course Outline:

  • Sustainability Administrator Overview
  • Green Terms Explained & Defined
  • Green CSA Teams
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Improving your Company’s Energy Efficiency
  • Introduction to Paperless Office
  • Green Purchasing
  • Eco Friendly Janitorial Services
  • Recycling Programs – Setup, Implement, Measure
  • Eco Community – Getting/Staying Involved
  • Offering Eco Benefits within the Workplace
  • Performing a Comprehensive and Detailed Workplace Eco Audit
  • Carbon Policy
  • Green Marketing & PR – Getting the Sustainability Word Out!
  • Eco Transportation
  • Sustainability Six Sigma Concepts & Basics
  • Minimizing Waste within your Organization (Lighting, Water, Gas, HVAC)
  • Improving Indoor Air Quality
  • Rebates & Financial Incentives
  • Greening your Meetings
  • Sustainability Plans – Creating/Developing to Implementing
  • Next Steps Tools & Best Practices


Benefits of Professional Green Training

There are no shortage of businesses who try to implement a Green Program within their workplace and fail.  This is primarily due to a lack of implementation, knowledge, and planning.  Often times a company will appoint the “greenest” employee and ask them to develop it, we can assure you this is not the most efficient way!  Let us help you save time, money, and headaches.  GoEco Certified has figured it out, let us teach you everything we know.  The class is built around simplistic yet effective solutions to transform the business into becoming more eco-friendly.  Learn what Executive Order 13514 is all about and how your organization (Private, Public or Government) can adhere to the specific guidelines.

What is a Certified Sustainability Administrator?

A Certified Sustainability Administrator may be referred to green job roles like: Chief Sustainability Officer, Certified Sustainability Officer, Manager, Professional, Executive, Green Employee, and many others.  There is virtually no difference between these and the ultimate difference will be what the company expects of you!  That is why we train you in different aspects and prepare you for most all situations you will encounter with various employers.  We will show you how to work with your local city green certification program and get green business certified.

GoEco Certified trains CSA’s to be well prepared for many different situations and teach simple things you can do when you run into an issue.  A large part of your CSA role that often gets overlooked is identifying waste/inefficiencies, we teach you how to find these and correct them.

What is Included in the Training Program?

In addition to the world-class training you will receive, GoEco Certified also will provide you upon completion a Green Office Toolkit which includes most everything you will need to ensure success. For more details about the Green Office Toolkit please request an information packet which has all the details.