Become Certified Eco-Consultant

Become a Certified Eco Consultant – CEC®

The Certified Eco-Consultant Training Program will prepare you start your own Green Eco Consulting Business.  You will be trained to work with local residents and businesses to:

  • Lower electricity bill (average 20%)
  • Cut water bill (average 20%)
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Setup recycling programs for offices
  • Reduce waste
  • Avoid using harmful toxic chemicals
  • And much more!

Whether you are looking for some part-time income or a full time career, eco consulting can be a profitable business! The green training program includes everything you will need to perform both Green Home Audits and Green Business Audits.  It also includes all the eco consultant marketing material you need and various worksheets/checklist you will use in the field.

Upon completion of the green consultant training classes you will be prepared to work with local businesses to not only help them Go Green, you will also be trained to help them with maximizing their green publicity.  You will learn effective ways to help the businesses effectively communicate their “greenness” to their customers.  You will find this is a very important part of the training process.  Businesses can get a lot of great publicity for implementing a Go Green Program and we will teach you how to get that free publicity for your clients (and you).  Helping the environment, Saving Money on Utilities, AND Increasing Market Share… No Brainer!

After the course you will have the skills and knowledge to perform all necessary Green Home Audits and Green Business Audits for most all types of businesses.  You will have the ability and knowledge to perform a service in a high demand industry within your local community.

Our training program is 100% Live and interactive through webinars.  We do not just send you a bunch of PDF documents that you can read and learn like the other companies.  We work with you in a small online group setting where you are able to ask questions while you are learning the material.  We provide support both during the training as well as after the program so you are never lost.  Your eco-instructor will work with you for 3 months after the training is over to ensure your success.


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Certified Eco Consultant Topics Covered:

  • How To Start/Run an Eco Consulting Business
  • Basic Green Knowledge
  • All About Lighting – Green Energy Audits
  • What to Expect Eco Consulting as a Career
  • How to Perform a Green Home Audit – Extensive Training
  • How to Perform a Green Business Audit – Extensive Training
  • How to Read an Electricity/Water Bill
  • How to Get your Business Client’s “Going Green” Efforts Noticed
  • Maximize Value to Clients
  • Creating/Maintaining a Eco Consulting Website
  • How to Make Money Eco-Consulting
  • Eco-Consulting Fee Strategies.. What to Charge as a Certified Eco Consultant
  • How to Get Clients (without selling)
  • Making Your Phone Ring Consistently
  • Building Your Eco Business with Minimal Investment
  • Business Expansion Strategies
  • How to Grow Your Green Business Via Referrals
  • Completion! You are now a Certified Eco-Consultant… Now What?